DOTA 2 News: DOTA2 Pro Circuit app allows you to wager in DPC matches

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  When Dota Plus was released it came with various features, few of them were useless but few of them were really fun.

  Few months after the release another update changed the way it works, they removed "tipping" from the battle pass and added it to Dota 2 Plus. Now, Valve has released a companion app for the players who use the monthly subscription service, Dota Plus.

  The app helps you keeping track of players and professional teams, it notifies you about the upcoming matches and such. We could've just Googled it but there's something the app is offering that you can't ignore if you are a Dota2 freak who likes to place bets. Yes, the app allows you to wage in the Dota2 Pro Circuit matches.

  The new app allows you to make "predictions" for the upcoming games. You can use your own Dota Plus shards to place bets and double it up if you're good at guessing.

  You can use the app to collect the data about each match, which teams and players are playing, their previous games and such and then use all that data to make a correct prediction. Another Battle Pass feature is now a Dota?Plus feature.

  The difference between wagering and gambling is pretty clear if you have used this feature with your battle pass before.

  For the people living under the rocks, this is not gambling. Any other website uses real money or items that you buy with real money to place the bets.

  Dota Plus uses the in-game currency which technically you buy with real money but it's not like you buy the shards, you buy a membership which is around $5 a month and that is not gambling, at least not to the rating organizations like PEGI. PEGI gave it a 3star rating which means it's appropriate for all ages.

  But despite the PEGI classification, there will be debates about it, there will be debates regarding loot boxes and such. Just to clarify, PEGI doesn't define law, they don't set the rules, they are merely an enforcer.

  Does this resemble gambling? it does is a few ways, you can get the thrill of studying teams and players and place your bets, double it up or lose it all but you can't really walk to your bank with the shard and turn it into currency so that still keeps the real-money debate out of it.

  Valve is against the Third-Party websites that use your item or real money to place bets, in that case, items can be sold and turned into real money. Shards, however, can't be sold.